The creation of a new receiver has been completed. The manual has not been completed yet, and we will proceed with a free upgrade to existing customers as soon as it is ready. More than 400 keyboard commands have been entered, and the software will only be available to buyers so that customers can edit them.

All new customers can only place preorders.           master@cockpit-vr.com

The virtual world to the real world.

First Experience

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1) It started selling in Amazon, USA. It will gradually expand worldwide.

     We've already recorded our first sales in Amazon.

2) Experience starter kit has been configured separately. You can purchase wireless transmission and reception modules at a low price. Follow the link below. You can also buy it on Amazon.

3) Some of our technical documents are released free of charge. This will tell you how you can control our equipment completely. Follow the download link

4) Software required for hardware operation is sent by email only to customers who purchase the product.  Amazon customers, please send us an email. master@cockpit-vr.com

5) We don't accept new customer orders for a few months, only pre-orders are available. We are currently working on changing the design of the case and will start production after developing the f16 product. If you want to make a reservation, please contact me via e-mail: master@cockpit-vr.com


1) The receiver upgrade among our products has been completed. From now on, you can enter commands instead of keyboards in all Windows games and control games without keyboards.

2) Three additional mini USB ports will be installed on the receiver and will be the HID output ports for the front, left and right consoles, respectively.

3) A free upgrade will be carried out for existing customers of our product. Includes software and additional hardware accessories.

4) We've decided to make our base frame public. This is so heavy that it costs a lot of shipping costs. If you ask a nearby production company with our blueprints, it will be possible to produce it at a lower price. Parts other than iron frames can be purchased at our shopping mall.
If you want to download our blueprint, please click the download link.

5) A new product has been launched. You can install the front panel on a separate frame to create your own home cockpit. VR flight and external display flight are also possible.

6)We've launched a new F16 VR home cockpit development project. Development progress will be shown on Facebook and cockpit-vr.com.

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