Features unique to this product

- This is made of Plastic
- It is designed with 3D Model
- The size of this is 17mm X 16mm.

- The diameter of the hole is 6mm. (The diameter of the hole can be processed in a different size.)

- This is a product that has been painted and processed.

- This does not have a photovoltaic function.


General feature
- The wheel knob is a handcrafted plastic knob that is described in detail.
- The scratches on the surface of the knob are not real scratches, but are precisely described.
- Based on the cockpit of the DCS A-10C basic manual. There may be a slight difference from the current updated cockpit.


- Not exactly the same as the module in real airplane. Think of it as an aid to simulation games.

A-10C Cockpit Knob3

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